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Research and development Update 2

Research and development Update 1


First run of video equations was a masive hit! There should be around 70 out in the world humming away. But!!!! thats not the end, there is a new firmware in the works, and...... a hardware expander that will increase the functionality by a factor if.... 10 maybe. Keep your peepers peeled!


We are so happy with how the Hellsynth has been doing. There has been a lot of great responces. Since the launch both of the programs for the synth have had an update adding aditinal functionality, and there is a brand new program called "Zsynth" that is in its first release. There will be a new run of HellSynths coming soon, so contact me if you are keen for kits or built units.

30 Kits and 21 Built HELLSYNTHS!

Oh man!!!! Working hard night and day to fill the 50+ orders for Hellsynths, but almost done, all the kits but 2 are posted, all the PCB orders are posted, and there are 8 half done units on the workbench. Thanks to all the backers! cant wait to do the next product!

New Website Launched

Welcome to my new website. Check back regularly for updates on new stuff I'm buildling, developing and launching!

Project Update #3 Hell Synth: Kickstarter


Massive thanks to you all! more then 500% funded! and every reward is sold out! now comes the fun part, getting you your synth or synth kit. I have to wait till the Kickstarter closes to get everybody's address, but Ive already started ordering the components and boards, this is gonna be great, thanks for being a part of making an awesome little synth! - Rob

Project Update #2 Hell Synth: Kickstarter

100% Funded in 4 days

WOW! Hell synth was 100% funded in 4 days! AMAZING! thanks so much to all the people who have ordered their HELL SYNTH or HELL SYNTH DIY KIT! its gonna be great!

Right now the Hell synth is at 22 backers, $1,428 pledged of $800 goal and 23 days to go. With That much time left i should think of some extra rewards/stretch goals.

Thanks again! - Rob